thoughts on power 1
The notions of "our country" and "their country" that we are expected to subscribe to when we think about "America" and "Iraq" are complete hallucinations. We have been drugged by the powerful, and the obedient corporate media. How can the few rule the many? Only through massive deception - by coercing people into believing in these fake divisions known as "nations".

This moral relativism is contradicted by our natural understanding that all life is sacred. The "Iraqis" who have died as a result of this war are our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters -- no less than the "Americans". We all have red blood and white bones.

What the powerful need to maintain their power, is for the people to believe in the illusory version of the world that they present to us. The antidote to this poison is for we the people to reject all violence, and all rationalizations for violence. Not just violence by terrorists, but also police violence, domestic violence, employer violence, and most importantly state and corporate violence in its most prevalent form: WAR.

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